When Queen Latifah signed on to perform at Long Beach, California’s gay pride parade, many raised their eyebrows and wondered if she would finally seize the opportunity to come out.

Although speculations about the Queen’s sexuality have circulated for years, she has never explicitly come out as a lesbian. Well, during her pride performance, those who had been waiting for an Ellen-like, “Yep, I’m gay” statement didn’t exactly get their needs met.

But they did get something to chew on.

From AllVoices:

“After years of speculation about the singer, actress and songwriter, Queen Latifah’s sexual orientation, she has finally stepped out of the closet declaring gays as ‘her people’ at the Gay Pride Parade held on Saturday.

Earlier this month, when Owens signed to speak on the Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride Festival in Long Beach California, it was not certain whether she will merely support their rights or actually come out to reveal her own orientation. But on Saturday, as she addressed the attendees, the African American singtress made her pride known.

‘Y’all my peeps (people),’ she said, referring to the LGBT community. ‘I love you!’

Queen performed for more than an hour, rocking the festival with her hits like ‘U.N.I.T.Y’ and ‘Ladies First.’ From the moment Queen told the crowd that she ‘has been waiting to do this for a long time,’ it was clear that the event would be no ordinary [sic]. She later on added that she was ‘proud to be among her people.’

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Last year during her guest appearance on the Vh1 show Single Ladies (which she also produces), Queen Latifah played Sharon Love, a lesbian television personality.

Is this her latest, subtle admission?

Or are folks still just using these latest quotes to fuel their obsession with the Queen’s sexuality?

Do you want the Queen to say what many of us already know?

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