A photograph of Russian socialite Dasha Zhukova has sparked international outrage with critics referring to the imagery as racist.

The photo, accompanied by an interview of the heiress sitting on a chair, comprised of a cushion…and a bound black woman. From Jezebel:

The blog, posted on Miroslava Duma’s Buro 24/7 today, originally featured photos of heiress Dasha Zhukova seated serenely on a chair made of a black woman alongside the text of a banal interview that featured questions like: “What is your relationship with the fashion industry now?” Zhukova, answering with giggly nothings like “As for fashion, then yes – I love fashion (laughs ). But I hate shopping!” is the daughter of a Russian oil magnate and an American professor.

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Zhukova was raised and educated in the US, so the possibility of ruling the move as a cultural misunderstanding is out.

She is currently the editor of Garage fashion magazine.

Where is the line between art and offense? 

Does this image cross it?

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