Tensions between police officers and citizens may be at an all-time high. That fact is even more true in cities where long-standing histories of police violence are becoming public knowledge and being pushed to the forefront with multiple investigations.

In response, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel plans to hold several meetings throughout the city in August that will bring police officers, local politicians and community members together to come up with police reform strategies, according to the Chicago Tribune

Emanuel took time this past Friday to announce “a collection of community organizations will now lead a series of public meetings focused on creating a Community Safety Oversight Board.” He originally aimed to create the board sooner, but initial attempts were met with pushback from the city’s activist community for a lack of residential involvement.

“Everyone in Chicago deserves a police accountability system that is both trusted and effective, and we are taking the next steps to achieve that goal,” Emanuel said in the news release. “Following conversations with residents, neighborhood organizations, and others, we are taking action that reflects the voices and interests of the community.”

The community hearings will be at 6:30 on he following dates and locations:

Aug. 4 – South Shore Cultural Center

Aug. 9 – Senn High School

Aug. 11 – Little Village Lawndale High School

Aug 16 – Westinghouse College Prep

Aug 22 – North Grand High School


Photo Credit: Wiki Commons