Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel has announces a five-year plan to invest $50 million in youth-serving programs.

Money to finance the programs will come from wealthy and corporate donors.

Allstate CEO Tom Wilson and Loop Capital Markets Chairman Jim Reynolds will lead fundraising efforts.

From ABC 7 Chicago:

“We have a very bright future. And we’re going to continue to have a bright future. And making it even brighter will be investing in our children,” said Emanuel.

“They’re all our kids, and we need to try to save all of them& Sometimes you do things because it’s the right thing to do,” said Wilson.

“We’re going to try and identify those programs that are working well and are small and see if we can scale them up to impact thousands of kids,” said Reynolds.

Emanuel believes Chicago’s corporate community can use

We at the BYP think this is a promising development. However, the implementation of this plan should be informed by a convening of community organizations regarding best practices for positively impacting the lives of our young people.


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