The Centers for Disease Control reported what it suspects to be a rare case of HIV transmission between women on Thursday. 

Female-to-female transmission of the virus is extremely uncommon, but can be passed through fluids. 

From TIME:

In the summer of 2012, a 46-year-old Texas woman was diagnosed with HIV. The woman’s virus was virtually identical to that of her partner, who had been diagnosed with HIV in 2008 but who had stopped her antiretroviral treatment in 2010. The CDC has determined the HIV was likely transmitted from her then-partner of six months.

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At the time of diagnosis, the newly infected woman wasn’t displaying any signs of infection, had not slept with men for 10 years or received any blood transplants or transfusions.

However, the couple engaged in risky activity, such as unprotected sex, rough sex that would cause bleeding and sex during menstruation.

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