If you haven’t yet started your New Year’s resolutions, we have compiled a list of 20 tweets of inspiration from Twitter user PantheR (@____PantheR). The list isn’t your traditional fare. Instead, it features things to leave behind in 2015 that are harmful and violent, especially toward Black women and LGBTQIA folks.

PantheR describes himself as a “Designer, Artist, Musician, Pro-Black, Intersectional Feminist, Advocate of Human Rights, Awareness Spreader, Alumni.” He also hails from “Black Twitter.”

He sent on out an epic thread of resolutions to his over 17,ooo followers on Saturday morning which were no doubt inspired by the ongoings of social and mainstream media over the course of this last year.

Here are our 20 favorites:




Go read the whole thread to get yourself together for 2016. Happy New Year!


Photo  credit: Flickr