Candice “Dice” Dixon from VH-1’s “La-La’s Full Court Life” is on a mission to motivate.

Black Youth Project contributor, Rashad J. Smith, spoke with Dice about her plans for the future to make positive impact on young America.

With a Master’s Degree in Occupational and Safety Health Administration from North Carolina A&T, and major celebrity connections, Dice is ready to tour academic institutions across the nation, giving back through motivational messages.

“I know the major issues amongst teens- from bullying to suicide, and it’s so unfortunate and very unnecessary… I definitely want to use my platform to give back.” 

Reminiscing about her college experiences, from crazy parties to late night studying in F.D. Bluford Library on A&T’s campus, Dice is hopeful that the same young-ins who tune in every Monday night will familiarize themselves with the ultimate college experience.

“I wanted to get away from home. I wanted to live on campus and feel the experience. I applied to A&T and got accepted… It’s nothing like going to a HBCU.” 

Above all, Dice is proud that VH-1 is portraying her as the person she truly is in a way that can help shape young America. Dice truly understands how reality tv plays a major role in shaping the lives of Young America.

  “Im glad the show illustrates that side of me… that I was in school, graduated with a 4.0 and I’m still cool but educated too.”

Inspired by Ellen DeGeneres and her commitment to making bold impact, Dice is optimistic about one day working with Ellen on a national project to educate & empower young America marching onward towards success

In the upcoming months, Dice is preparing to speak to the LGBT community, young America, and college students about everyday issues from bullying to suicide and how to overcome the typical haters of society and work towards progress.

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Major props to Dice for setting the example!
When will other reality show stars or celebrity’s take action?
Would you like to see Dice speak to your organization/community?