You know, sometimes I think I have seen it all, but Regis’ sexual advances against Nicki Minaj were simply gross and dehumanizing. If you have not, yet, seen the video please watch above and count the times Regis felt it appropriate to touch Nicki Minaj at her lower back. You would think that the madness would stop there, but, oh no, it does not. Then he proceeds to make sexual statements about “going hard” in reference to Nicki Minaj and stare at her posterior. But, what takes the cake is when he decided to smack her on her derrière on national television. To say the least, I am disgusted by Regis’ words and actions. And now the whole incident is being dubbed, “BootyGate” and of course I do not find this amusing either. I think Regis owes Nicki Minaj an on-air apology and an entire segment devoted to ending sexual harassment against women. Honestly, I felt like Nicki Minaj was on the slave auction block and the white slave master, Regis, was examining her to see if she would not only be a good slave in the fields, but a good slave in bed. Disgusted. Next week, I am going to write a black feminist blog about black women’s butts and the sexual and race politics of disrespect. Until then, let me know what you think about the incident.

Also, I want to thank Crunk Feminist Collective for posting the video when it happened early this week.

So, what do you think about the incident?