According to a report from the NYCLU, ninety-five percent of arrests made in NYC public schools in the last school year were of black or Latino students.

882 arrests and 1,666 summonses were made; sixty-three percent of the arrests were of black students, and forty-eight percent of summonses were in the Bronx.

The NYPD is clearly disproportionately arresting students of color; these practices wreak havoc on the ability of these young people to succeed academically.

From NBC New York:

“The NYPD responded in a statement , ‘The NYCLU’s kneejerk reaction to claim racism is as old as it is false… the NYCLU persists in smearing school safety agents and police officers who do good work professionally in an unbiased manner.’

The Department of Education said in a separate statement, ‘In the last 10 years, we’ve reduced major crimes committed in schools by 49 percent and violent crime by 45 percent, while still maintaining one of the lowest rates of school-based arrests for any major district in the country. School safety is important for our students’ success and it’s our goal to preserve a safe learning environment.'”