A  report released today by the Urban Institute says that Black people are better off living in small to medium-sized Metro areas in the South and West than in the Midwest or Northeast.

According to the study, Blacks and Latinos are “more likely to have jobs, live in better-off neighborhoods and attend better-performing schools” in these regions, although specific cities differ for each group.

From USA Today:

“The study identified the metropolitan areas where the gap between blacks and whites is narrowest: Albuquerque; El Paso; and Lakeland, Fla. The widest gaps: Milwaukee, Chicago and Buffalo.

For Latinos, the slimmest gaps are in Melbourne, Fla.; Pittsburgh; and Portland, Maine, The widest: Springfield, Mass.; Hartford, Conn.; and Providence.”

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Are you surprised by this report?

Why is the opportunity gap wider in the Midwest and Northeast?

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