A new report by UC Berkeley’s Center for Labor Research and Education finds that throughout 2011 unemployment amongst African Americans hovered between 15 and 16 percent, while falling below 9 percent for the rest of the population

The Black unemployment rate is currently higher than it was in December of 2007, when the recession began, as well as June of 2009, when the recession officially ended.

From the UC Berkeley Labor Center:

“The report’s main findings include:

  • There was virtually no change in the official Black unemployment rate from January to December 2011. When Black women and Black men are examined separately, however, Black female unemployment rates rose, while Black male unemployment rates fell. This differs from the situation of white workers, where the unemployment rates for both men and women fell.
  • Since the Great Recession ended in June 2009, Black female unemployment rates have risen and Black male unemployment rates have fallen only slightly. In contrast, unemployment rates for white men and white women fell over the same time period.”

Click here to read the Labor Center’s full report, “Black Employment and Unemployment in 2011.”


Why has the Black unemployment rate remained so high?

Are we simply the first fired and the last hired?

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