For many black children, finding the support they need in order to become successful is more than challenging.

According to a study conducted by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Illinois is the worst state in the country to raise black children. 

From New Pittsburgh Courier:

Here are the top 10 worst states in which to raise Black children.

From #1 (being the worst) to #10, the worst states are:

#10 – Wisconsin
#9 – Mississippi
#8 – Michigan
#7 – Louisiana
#6 – Arkansas
#5 – Ohio
#4 – Alabama
#3 – Indiana
#2 – South Carolina
#1 – Illinois

The report included data at the state and national level that measured several factors that are indicative of how successful children will be later in life.


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Black children scored lowest in meeting satisfactory levels of factors such as economic status, living with supportive families and in supportive communities. The states that scored poorly also have the strongest racial disparities.

According to the study, by 2018, children of color will represent the majority of all children in the country, and by the year 2030, people of color will make up most of the U.S.’s labor force.

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