Americans aged 18 t o 29 are more racially diverse than the general population. With young people of color making up a pretty important share of the American electorate, their votes are critical in deciding the nation’s leaders. A new report released by the Advancement Project and called The Time Tax: America’s Newest Form of Voter Suppression for Millennials & How it Must Be Eliminated to Make Voting Accessible for the Next Generation, shows that the young population has a unique challenge when voting. The “time tax,” continues to cause an impact of voting in the country, particularly for young people of color.

The “time tax” is defined as, “disproportionately waiting in the nation’s longest lines to vote, time spent obtaining voter ID and the underlying documents required for ID, as well as other inconveniences.” The report also highlights a key fact: that young voters showed up to the polls in spite of such barriers.