young thug

Rapper Young Thug has upset some residents of St. Louis after making very apathetic comments about what’s happening in Ferguson, Missouri in response to Mike Brown’s death.

In fact, residents are so upset that they want him banned from performing in the city. 

From All Hip Hop:

During an interview with Bossip on the BET Hip Hop Awards red carpet, Thugger was asked about the policing of Black men as it relates to the Brown case.

He said, “Leave that up with the critics and the laws and all that other s**t. We having fun. We iced out. We having money. That’s how we doing it.” He added he did not feel artists should speak on social issues.

That apathetic response brought criticism from the St. Louis community. Many people took to social media to express their anger. A meme featuring Young Thug with the tag “Banned From St Louis” spread around Instagram.

The post includes the following words on the picture:

Since you don’t give a f**k about us and our situation… Keep yo b***h ass out the Lou! That money done went to yo head lil b***h… This yo only ‘Warning’ f**k boy…We still Show-Me State…Don’t make us show you…

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Thug is scheduled to perform in St. Louis on November 16th.

Thoughts on Young Thugs comments and residents’ reaction?

Is Young Thug’s apathetic view on social justice issues a contributor to the problem?

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