A Conference Exploring the Impact of Hip Hop on the Sexual, Gender, and Racial Consciousness of a Generation

In 2005, the Center for Race, Politics, and Culture at the University of Chicago held the first national conference on feminism and hip hop.  The Feminism and Hop Hop Conference featured panel discussions about the impact of hip hop culture on the racial, gender, and sexual perceptions of young people.  Click on the link below to watch full-length video coverage of the four-day event.



Confirmed Participants

Moya Bailey, Yvonne Bynoe, Hazel Carby, Rosa Clemente, Alison Duke, Melyssa Ford, Farah Jasmine Griffin, Tamika Guishard, Beverly Guy-Sheftall, Byron Hurt, Cheryl Keyes, Felicia Miyakawa, Jessica Care Moore, Joan Morgan, Marcyliena, Morgan, Mark Anthony Neal, Kim Osorio, Imani Perry, Gwendolyn Pough, Rachel Raimist, Rokafella, Tricia Rose, and Akiba Solomon

Thursday Evening Film Screenings and Discussion with Directors

Hip Hop Gurlz (Director: Tamika Guishard); Booty Nation (Director: Alison Duke); Nobody Knows My Name (Director: Rachel Raimist)

Friday Panels and Plenaries

  • Graduate Student Work on Hip Hop
  • Hip Hop Archive
  • Progressive Women’s Caucus
  • From Blues to Hip Hop: Rethinking Black Women’s Sexuality
  • Feminism and Hip Hop

Saturday Panels

  • Media Representations of Women in Hip Hop
  • Sexuality and Agency in Hip Hop
  • Masculinity, Heterosexism, and Hip Hop
  • Feminism, Politics and Hip Hop on the Ground

Saturday Evening Performances

  • Jessica Care Moore
  • Rokafella
  • Other Artists

Thursday, April 7, 2005

Panel 1 – Hip Hop and Feminism on Screen

Panelists: Tamika Guishard (Hip Hop Gurlz), Alison Duke (Booty Nation), Rachel Raimist (Nobody Knows My Name), Byron Hurt (Beyond Beats and Rhymes), Tracye Matthews (moderator)

[flv:FHHC_intro_converted11.mp4 398 224]

Friday, April 8, 2005

Panel 1 – A Sonic Exploration of Feminism and Hip Hop

Presented by the Kenwood Academy (University of Chicago Charter School) Program for Academic Excellence; Melissa Harris-Lacewell (moderator)

[flv:FHHC_1-c.mp4 450 256]

Panel 2 – Constructing the Sexual Politics of Black Women

Panelists: Tracye Rose, Valerie Chepp, Cynthia Beard, Norell Giancana (moderator)

[flv:FHHC_2-c.mp4 483 384]

Panel 3 – Masculinity and Hip Hop

Panelists: Matt Mirkhold, Georgia Roberts, Michael Ralph, David Ferguson (moderator)

[flv:FHHC3-c.mp4 483 272]

Panel 4 – Language, Hip Hop, and Feminism

Panelists: Angie Collette Beatty, Jalylah Burrell, Jamarah Amani, Elizabeth Todd (moderator)

[flv:FHHC_4-c.mp4 483 272]

Panel 5 – Black Women and Visual Culture

Panelists: Carla Stokes, Yaba A. Blay and Kalia A. Story, Kamillah Clayton, Danielle Deadwyler, Tanji Gilliam (moderator)

[flv:FHHC5.mp4 483 232]

Panel 6 – New Sources of Feminism

Panelists: Paul Khalil Saucier, Shana L. Redmond, Michael Jeffries, Stephanie Allen (moderator)

[flv:FHHC_6-c.mp4 398 224]

Panel 7 – The Hip Hop Archive: Standards and Questions in Hip Hop Research

Panelists: Marcyliena Morgan, Dionne Bennett, Dawn-Elissa Fischer

[flv:FHHC_7-c.mp4 427 240]

Panel 8 – Organizing Dilemmas: When Radical Feminists Come Face to Face with Hip Hop Activists

Panelists: Kimala Price, Zenzele Isoke, Angie Collette Beatty, Ruth Nicole Brown (moderator)

[flv:FHHC_8.mp4 427 240]

Opening Plenary – From Blues to Hip Hop: Rethinking Black Women’s Sexuality

Panelists: Gwendolyn Pough, Hazel V. Carby, Farash Jasmine Griffin, Anne M. Martinez (moderator)

[flv:FHHC_plenary1_converted1.mp4 484 272]

Evening Plenary – Feminism and Hip Hop Panel and Q&A

Panelists: Joan Morgan, Tricia Rose, Beverly Guy-Sheftall, Cathy J. Cohen (moderator)

[flv:FHHC_plenary2_converted1.mp4 427 240]

Saturday, April 9, 2005

Panel 1 – Media Representations of Women in Hip Hop

Panelists: Melyssa Ford, Kim Osorio, Cheryl L. Keyes, Jessy Terrero, Jackie Stewart (moderator)

[flv:FHHC_HHC_Day_2_1_converted1.mp4 398 224]

Panel 2 – Sexuality and Agency in Hip Hop

Panelists: Akiba Solomon, Imani Perry, Ana “Rokafella” Garcia, Deborah Nelson (moderator)

[flv:FHHC_HHC_D2_2_converted1.mp4 342 192]

Panel 3 – Masculinity, Heterosexism, and Hip Hop

Panelists: Mark Anthony Neal, Byron Hurt, Felicia Miyakawa, Travis Jackson (moderator)

[flv:FHHC_HHC_D2_3_converted1.mp4 398 224]

Panel 4 – Feminism, Politics, and Hip Hop on the Ground

Panelists: Rosa Clemente, Moya Bailey, Yvonne Bynoe, Melissa Harris-Lacewell (moderator)

[flv:FHHC_HHC_D2_4_converted1.mp4 398 224]