Rick Ross’ latest song expresses his outrage over the George Zimmerman verdict – even sampling Rachel Jeantel’s testimony.

“I Wonder Why” features Jeantel’s controversial use of the phrase “creepy ass cracker” towards the end of the song.

Rick Ross says it himself during the song:

“Now I’m being followed by some creepy-ass cracker/

Now I’m being followed by some creepy-ass cracker/

Stand your ground, stand your ground/

Stand your ground, you gotta stand your ground.”

From Clutch:

His outrage is palpable in the song, and the rapper echoed that anger in an interview withMakho Ndlovu of Global Grind about his reaction to George Zimmerman’s not guilty verdict: “I’m still angry, I’m upset. I’m really enraged. I’ve just been trying to keep from putting too much negative energy out there.”

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