rihanna doobe

While Rihanna was busy making history as the first recipient of the American Music Awards first-ever Icon award, many people couldn’t help but notice her hair.

The star, showed up to this year’s music ceremony with her hair wrapped, and per usual, Twitter was on fire.

From Twitter:

@cthagod Rihanna is fine as hell. She came to the AMAs with her hair wrapped for bed and still killing you chicks

@kenymarie17 still not over the fact that Rihanna rocked a ‘doobie’ at the AMAs…the same hairstyle I wear to bed at night

@shantell_em Rihanna just accepted an AMA award with an unwrapped wrap equipped with pins and all. I’m done. Lol

@whoreshire Rihanna’s hair lookin like she got up in the middle of the hair appointment and walked away

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Rihanna’s hairstyle is nothing new. Millions of black and latino women rock the ‘doobie’ in hopes of waking up to lovely, bouncy locks in the morning. What’s shocking is that the style is meant for bed, and as a form of protection when going for the straight look.

Now, thanks to Rihanna and a few diamond-studded hair pins, we can expect to see women wearing “the wrap” to red carpet events.

Thoughts on Rihanna’s hairdo?

Did she set black women back? Or are people just up in arms over nothing?

Sound off below!