Legendary baseball player Sammy Sosa is looking light these days.

We’re not referring to the star’s weight either.

A recent picture of Sosa surfaced when he appeared on television in Panama the other day.

Viewers immediately took to social media, noting the athlete’s lighter complexion.

From Fox Sports:

“Breaking news, Sammy Sosa guest stars on “True Blood” this week.” one tweeter said.  The man who hit more than 60 home runs multiple times before exiting the game under one of the Steroid Era’s darkest clouds isn’t really trying to become a vampire . . . is he? Ultimately, it’s hard to disagree that Sosa looks less like a former 60-plus-homer slugger than someone who can’t be out in sunlight. And given the steroid rumors that dogged Sosa, maybe these photos can serve as something of a warning to any young player tempted to try performance-enhancing drugs.

Remember, he used to look like this.

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While some may be able to joke about Sammy Sosa’s sudden lack of pigmentation, skin complexes that many people of color struggle with is no laughing matter.

For centuries, practices of colorism have existed in America and the world.

It’s no surprise that some have resorted to means of obtaining lighter skin.

Now we do not know the circumstances of Sosa’s recent appearances, but the different cannot be denied.

How can we realize that black is beautiful and be comfortable in our own skin?

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