The White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, was asked to leave a Virginia restaurant called Red Hen because she worked for the Trump administration. The event ignited a social media debate about whether businesses should discriminate based on a person’s politics in public spaces. Many responses came everywhere from anti-Trump officials to the President himself.

Sanders took to Twitter and stated the owner’s “actions say far more about her than about me.”

Pro-Trump supporters diminished the restaurant’s value and service on Yelp Reviews. Many exclaimed that businesses kicking out Trump supporters has become a new trend. A few days before, Homeland Security Secretary¬†Kirstjen Nielsen was taunted at a Washington, D.C. Mexican restaurant until she left.¬†Last year, a New York City bar ejected a Trump supporter for his political beliefs. The N.Y. courts ruled in favor of the bar and stated that state law does not protect “political beliefs.” Some cite this as a growing trend of harassment towards Trump supporters.

However, many self-described anti-racists and anti-Trump dissidents say the Red Hen’s owner was acting out of a moral conviction to oppose the current administration’s overall policies of xenophobia and inflammatory approaches to people. One such notable person who stood out was California Representative Maxine Waters.

Waters supports the Red Hen’s owner’s action, and called for similar “protests against Trump officials.”

Waters’ statements did not go unnoticed. Many pro-Trump supporters called her several anti-Black names and a “terrorist” for “inciting attacks on public officials.” President Trump called Waters “an extraordinarily low IQ person,” and argued she is calling “harm to supporters….of the Make America Great Again movement.”

Many questioned the hypocrisy of the Trump administration to push for polite civility in public spaces when the president has consistently refused this himself. Like many others, Congresswoman Maxine Waters believes that the administration is pushing for outrageous and racist policies. And as such, they need to be protested at all costs.