Savannah State University has become the first historically Black college or university to win the National Cheerleading Award. 

“We are very excited, ecstatic, just a feeling that you can’t explain,” senior cheerleader Morgan Moore told Savannah’s WJCL. “It’s indescribable, it’s just a great feeling to know that we’ve made history at our school.”

The team is comprised of 13 teammates, 12 women and one man, and competed at the CheerSport Nationals in Atlanta this past weekend.

“We have a lot of great members on this squad and a great program,” Moore continued. “We just wanted to make sure to better it, improve it and make it the best we can, it’s just a great achievement for our squad and our school.”

The victory serves as another inspiration for Black excellence as this is the first time an HBCU has won the national cheerleading award in the competition’s 24 year history.