A North Carolina mother is upset at her son’s school after he came home wearing a replica Confederate army hat. 9-year-old Jacob was wearing the new gray hat when he got off the bus earlier this week. 

From My Fox 8:

“I did not want to believe that. That the school actually let him walk around as an African American child with a Confederate cap on,” insisted Lea. “This stands for a dark time in our history,” she said, pointing at the hat.

The hat does not have a Confederate flag on it. A tag inside says “Confederate” and a price of $4.95. Lea says it represents slavery and oppression whether it bears a flag or not. “What is this hat doing in that school, period? For any child?” she questioned.

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A spokesperson for Rockingham County said that Nea’s son’s teacher rewards students with ‘big bucks’ for positive behavior. “Before winter break in December, the class had an auction where students could bid on different items using their big bucks. Many of the items are donated by families. One of the items for bid was a grey cap with a black bill. The cap did not feature any additional decorations.”

The cap was donated to the school.

What do you think of the prize?

Is it offensive? Or just a harmless gift?

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