The old saying goes, “Don’t mess with Texas”. Believe me, I haven’t really messed with Texas since the 1995 Dallas Cowboys team. Although my heart is as big as the state itself, it’s tough for me to stomach the thought of Rick Perry becoming President of the United States. Maybe I’ll try to overlook the fact that Perry refuses to admit that global warming is real. Perhaps, I’ll even not pay attention to the fact that he invited xenophobic musician,  Ted Nugent, to perform at his 2nd inauguration. What I can’t overlook is the fact that same man that wanted to secede from the union now wants represent the entire union.

Due to the fact that the Obama administration abandoned “the founding fathers principles of limited government”, Perry suggested that divorcing this country was an option. This is about as unpatriotic as you can get. Don’t get me wrong I’m not the biggest fan of jingoism, but I do believe that someone running for President should not be so quick to part ways with the country when there are fiscal policies they don’t agree with. Why is he willing to pray for our country now? Apparently it’s either prayer or secede for this man.


As much as Perry claims that he wants to cut Texas’ umbilical cord, it seems that he forgot that he sucked on America’s breast during the financial downturn in 2009. The governor claimed that he was able to balance the budget without raising taxes or getting money from the state’s “rainy day fund,” but what Perry didn’t mention was that in lieu of the emergency fund, Texas accepted over $6 billion in federal stimulus money.

How can you cry about an intrusive, over-spending government that you want to secede from, but take their money and run for President? It’s almost as oxymoronic as a Glenn Beck peace rally.
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