After two decades, the Secret Service has reached a $24 million settlement in a discrimination lawsuit filed by more than 100 black agents. 

According to The Washington Post, part of the settlement was that the Secret Service wouldn’t admit to any actual wrongdoing or bias. Meanwhile, the eight original plaintiffs will each receive $300,000 in an attempt to heal the situation.

“At long last . . . black Secret Service agents will not be constrained by the glass ceiling that held back so many for so long,” said Jennifer Klar, the agents lead attorney.

The case first started when agents who were part of the Secret Service from 1995 t0 2005 were skipped over for promotions by less qualified white agents. There were also claims of racial slurs being used in the workplace.

The suit was first filed during the Clinton presidency and came to a close during the final days of the first Black president’s tenure.

Photo Courtesy: Wiki Commons