In the entire history of the United States government, a sitting senator has never testified against the appointment of another to a cabinet position. Today, Sen. Cory Booker D-N.J. will make history by being the first as part of Sen. Jeff Sessions R-Al. confirmation hearing to become the next Attorney General.

“I do not take lightly the decision to testify against a Senate colleague,” Booker said. “But the immense powers of the attorney general combined with the deeply troubling views of this nominee is a call to conscience.”

“This is one of the more consequential appointments in American history right now given the state of a lot of our challenges we have with our policing, a lot of challenges we have with race relations, gay and lesbian relations,” Booker said, CNN reports.

According to CNN, Booker’s decision is entirely his and doesn’t reflect the Democratic party, at least not officially. Many feel that this could be a highlight moment for Booker, who could be on the short list for the presidency come 2020.

Even some of his fellow senators from across the aisle have admit that this decision could be a significant moment in a transition period full of obstacles.

“I think Cory’s a good guy and is making a decision. It’s a very unique decision, obviously; it’s never been done before. I think looking back 20 years from now, we’ll understand the impact of his decision to do so,” said Sen. Tim Scott R-S.C.

Sessions’ appointment has been a prime focus for both political parties – and many protestors –  given his controversial past and personal ideologies. Giving him authority over the Department of Justice shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Photo Courtesy: Wiki Commons