The sequester currently dominates political headlines.

Lost in that conversation is the disproportionate impact it will have on minorities.

Accoridng to experts, sequestration will result in cuts to programs disproportionately used by people of color, such as Head Start, the Women Infant and Children nutrition assistance program, as well as unemployment benefits and jobs at local, state, and federal agencies

From the Huffington Post:

“Sequestration results in significant cuts to very important programs that again, in my view, are likely to widen the health gaps rather than close our fiscal hole,” Smedley said.

Simms took that one step further, saying that sequestration’s effects on people of color will negatively affect the entire nation.

“The absolute bottom line is this: because half of the children born in this country in 2010 were minorities, children are increasingly coming from less advantaged families. In the absence of public investment, they will likely not achieve their potential,” she said. “And, given what’s happening with our population, that’s not important just to them and their families, but to the country as a whole.



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