And so it goes.

Can you recall a meme more relentless than this “Shit __Girls/Guys Say” craze?

I figured the well had run dry when (seemingly overnight) someone had actually taken the time to film “Shit Broke People Say,” “Shit Rancid Gay Guys Say” and “Shit Straight Guys Say To Gay Guys.”

I thought we’d covered everything.

Wrong. Introducing…Shit Natural Hair Girls Say.


Yep, that’s right. This shit ain’t goin’ nowhere.

And for now, I’d say they’re basically harmless. Anyone “offended” by this stuff needs to lighten up and stop over-analyzing a bunch of fucking viral videos. Give your brain a rest, aight?

Sheesh. You’re ruining this for the rest of us.  

When things start getting legitimately offensive, we’ll know. It’ll be obvious. And we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

For now, I’m not afraid to admit it; I love these videos. Bring ’em on.

Who’s ready for “Shit White Liberals Say?”

Tell me what you think!

Are you offended by some of these “Shit ___ Girls/Guys Say” videos?

Or are they just played out?

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