Five people were wounded – four critically – in a shooting in Uptown along a CPS safe passage route.

The shooting occurred around 6pm along the route where students displaced by the closing of Steward  School will travel to Brenneman Elementary this fall.

From DNA Info:

Before the CPS board voted to close Stewart, a hearing officer recommended that the school stay open. Neighborhood parents and activists also said they feared violent clashes between students — or on the streets of Uptown.

“I can tell you from personal experience, from student’s mouths to my ears, that they are afraid to go [to Brenneman],” Stewart music teacher Reggie Spears said in May.

Hearing officer Judge Charles R. Winkler agreed.

“Will an understaffed Chicago Police Department be able to provide enough officers to assist the Stewart children?” Winkler wrote. ” Will CPS hire a private security company to furnish properly trained personnel?”

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Thoughts on the massive Chicago school closings?

Will CPS and the Chicago PD be able to keep displaced students safe as they travel to their new schools this year?

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