19-year-old Trayon Christian never thought he would end up in handcuffs for shopping. But that’s exactly what happened to the Queens, NY college student when he purchased a belt at Barney’s.

Christian purchased a $350 designer belt when a clerk had him arrested. Apparently the retailer wasn’t convinced that he could afford the belt despite already paying for it.

From The New York Post:

“His only crime was being a young black man,” his attorney, Michael Palillo, told The Post. Trayon Christian, 19, a NYC College of Technology freshman from Corona, went to the Madison Avenue fashion mecca in April to buy the Salvatore Ferragamo belt after saving up his paychecks from a part-time job at the college. But as soon as he exited the luxury department store, undercover officers grabbed Christian and asked “how a young black man such as himself could afford to purchase such an expensive belt.”

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The clerk asked Christian for identification when he purchased the belt, and then called the cops saying the buy was fraudulent.

At the precinct, Christian then showed police his debit card and the receipt with his name of it. The cops told him that his identification was false and that he couldn’t afford to make the purchase.

Cops eventually let him go after verifying his identity and rightful possession of the debit card with his bank. Christian returned the belt and will never shop at Barney’s again.


Unbelievable. Yet another example of how dangerous being a young black man can be in America.

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