the deadline for filing official amicus briefs to the Supreme Court in the Fisher vs. University of Texas case, which will decide whether colleges can continue to strive for diversity in their student bodies. 


While the Court settled this issue in 2003 in the University of Michigan Law School case, the court is now more conservative and Chief Justice Roberts is, observers agree, determined to undo the Court’s legacy of promoting racial integration in education. What’s more, a decision that it’s unconstitutional for the government to consider a citizen’s race or ethnicity even to promote equal opportunity could have ripple effects throughout our society, just at the time when our country is becoming more diverse and racial inequalities are worsening.


This is a serious threat to generations of progress as well as to the future. But you can do something about it.


A diverse array of groups are strategizing about the court case as well as the public advocacy needed to make progress on the issues raised in the case, and we would love for you to be involved in that broader effort. But immediately, we need to show the Court that students of all races want diversity on their campuses.


When the University of Michigan Law School’s admissions policy was under review at the Supreme Court, nearly 14,000 law students signed on to a brief in support of the University’s diversity policy. In 3 weeks, the United States Students Association is filing a brief to the Supreme Court in the Fisher case, this time on behalf of a diverse group of high school and college students. This is where you come in.


The law students’ brief helped convince the Supreme Court to uphold diversity in the Michigan case. And now the voices of students must be heard again by the Supreme Court Justices who will make this crucial decision about the educational opportunities available to all.


 They have a goal of 25,000 high school and college students signing up on by the amicus brief deadline of Monday August 6. 


Be sure to spread the word to every student, college or high school, that you know!