Stacey Dash is once again voicing her political opinions when it comes to our nation’s leaders.

Last year, the actress was criticized for her endorsement of Mitt Romney and now she’s further revealing her thoughts on the president.

Dash appeared on Fox News and had lots to say about why she voted for Obama in 2008.

From Fox News:

“I didn’t know anything about [Obama] when I voted for him in 2008. My choice to do so was purely because he was black,” she admitted. “Naively, I thought he would be the right person for the job but unfortunately it didn’t turn out that way. Obama had the opportunity to really unite this country in such a profound way, but instead he has done the opposite. We are so divided right now, everything has become about race, more than I’ve ever known in my lifetime.”

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Dash, who is working on her autobiography “Not Black Enough,” also appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity with Sean Hannity.” She spoke out in opposition of the Obama administration’s lawsuit against Louisiana over it’s current school voucher system.

Last year, Samuel L. Jackson also admitted to supporting the president because of his race.

Thoughts on Dash’s recent comments?

Does race really play a factor in voting?

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