New York State senator Eric Adams is making headlines by lobbying for a resolution that would ban sagging pants in New York City public schools.

According to Senator Adams, the controversial style of dress is not only offensive, but also indecent, abnormal and an impediment to success.

Adams started the “Stop the Sag” campaign last year, to root out the “epidemic trend” of sagging jeans.

From NewsOne:

“The city’s controversial Mayor Michael Bloomberg, however, has made mention of the fact that he is not in favor of policing dress codes.  Senator Adams, on the other hand, thinks that the mayor just doesn’t care to get it. ‘In the society he hangs out in, they don’t sag. They laugh at people that sag. And they just say, ‘Those are the people we’ll never hire, who will never date our children.’  In the universe that he lives in, sagging is not an issue. Would he hire someone that comes in the building sagging? Would he employ them to run his corporation? Would he bring them into City Hall? It’s tolerable to him because he’s removed from that universe.'”

Senator Adams is not alone in his call to outlaw sagging pants; Florida and Arkansas have enacted such a ban, and a few towns in Louisiana have gone as far as outlawing the practice.

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