Folks, I’m busy redrafting this chapter, and haven’t really had time to blog.  I should be off injured reserve by next week.  Editing beckons.  So, I’ll keep this quick.

I’m not really concerned about Facebook polls regarding BHO’s life–or the end of it.  And frankly, I hope Chicago isn’t awarded the 2016 Olympics.  I think it’s pretty obvious that Richard II and BHO have more serious issues to address.  While they’re hanging out in Copenhagen selling the City of Big Shoulders to the IOC, Chicago Public Schools students are being beaten to death.  This year, more than 35 of them have been killed.  That’s right.

Here’s my question: When do sickening moments like this stop being described as just another day living in the ‘hood and recast as a national epidemic, a crisis worthy of intelligent conversation and action?

Have at it.  (Some say there’s no such thing as a dumb question.  Well, dumb answers do exist.  And yes, more police/law enforcement is probably a dumb answer.  We should try harder.)

Off to work on a dissertation not even my mother will read.  ‘Til then, think of the world.