The number of stop-and-frisks occurrences conducted by the NYPD has declined by 80 percent in recent months compared to this time last year. Officers also recovered fewer weapons according to data obtained from the police department on Monday.

From Associated Press:

There were slightly more than 21,000 stops for July, August and September, after police changed training methods. There were 106,000 stops during the same months last year.

Officers recovered 99 firearms, down from 198 last year, and 463 knives, down from 1,016, according to the quarterly data provided to the City Council.

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The decline comes on the heels of a ruling by a federal judge calling the practice unfair as it targets minorities.

The judge ordered major reforms to the stop-and-frisk program after four men sued the city alleging that they were unfairly targeted. The ruling is currently on hold pending a city appeal.

Opponents of stop-and-frisk say the drop in stops proves that New York City can stay safe without excessive stopping and frisking.

Thoughts on the decline?

Has the fact that more people are speaking out against the practice influenced the decline?

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