Seventeen-year-old Sam McNair is currently serving a year-long suspension from school for hugging and allegedly kissing a teacher. McNair was suspended after it was determined that McNair had violated the sexual harassment rules of his suburban Atlanta school district, Gwinnett County Schools, and the suspension may jeopardize his ability to graduate next spring.

From Reuters:

[WGCL] reported the teacher also accused McNair of kissing her on the cheek and the back of her neck during the hug. Citing the school disciplinary report, the station said the teacher said she had previously warned McNair that hugs were inappropriate. Reuters could not immediately confirm the contents of the disciplinary report.

In the WGCL interview, Sam McNair said the teacher never warned him against hugging and says he did not kiss or sexually harass the teacher.

“Something so innocent can be perceived as something totally opposite,” McNair said.

Roach said the suspension was handed down after a “review of the known facts.” She said school officials take into account witness testimony and a student’s past disciplinary history when they examine disciplinary issues.

The decision can be appealed to Georgia’s State Board of Education, she said

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McNair’s mother, April McNair, is concerned that her son’s suspension will prevent him from getting an athletic scholarship to college.

Thoughts on this story? Was McNair’s hug taken in a way he didn’t intend?

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