According to a recent report, black youth between the ages of 12 and 20 are exposed to far more alcohol advertising than their peers.

The study suggests that this phenomenon is the result of the large number of ads that specifically target African Americans, as well as the fact that black youth consume more media than youth overall.

While prior studies suggest that black youth drink less than their peers, African Americans suffer greater, harsher consequences for alcohol consumption.

From NBC News:

“But African Americans who drink seem to suffer more serious consequences, said David Jernigan, director of the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth, perhaps because they tend to have less access to health care and substance abuse treatment, live in poorer neighborhoods and are incarcerated more frequently.

Alcohol consumption is linked to three leading causes of death among young African Americans – homicide, suicide and accidental injury. ‘There’s rationale for being extra careful,’ said Jernigan, whose group receives funds from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and has put out dozens of reports on alcohol marketing to youths over the last decade.”


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