A recent study released by the MacArthur Foundation found that while black men face disproportionately high rates of incarceration, black women are disproportionately evicted from their homes.

In a given year, approximately 16,000 adults and children are evicted in Milwaukee from approximately, 6,000 housing units. 

From How Housing Matters:

In Milwaukee, a city of fewer than 105,000 renter households, landlords evict roughly 16,000 adults and children from 6,000 each year. That’s 16 households evicted every day.

With 1 in 14 renter-occupied households evicted through the court system every year, eviction is commonplace in the city’s black neighborhoods.

Women in black neighborhoods in Milwaukee represented only 9.6 percent of the population, they accounted for 30 percent of the evictions.

Poor black men may be locked up, but poor black women are locked out. Both phenomena work together to propagate economic disadvantage in the inner city.

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The startling statistics only account for court-ordered evictions. They also do not take coercive tactics like paying unwanted tenants to vacate or landlord foreclosures into account.

Numerous studies continue to reveal subtle forms of discrimination against blacks regarding housing. Hopefully the research will call attention to these disparities and lead to solutions.

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