A study released by the University of Central Florida shows that the top leaders at Football Bowl Subdivision conferences and schools remain mostly white and male.

The study examined race and gender of conference commissioners and campus leaders holding positions of college and university presidents, athletic directors and faculty athletic representatives such as football coaches for 125 institutions. 

From Associated Press:

Looking at numbers for the 2013-14 academic year, it found that 88.8 percent of university presidents, 84.8 percent of athletic directors and 100 percent of conference commissioners are white. White males accounted for 75.2 percent, 78.4 percent and 100 percent of those positions, respectively,

Study author Richard Lapchick called those numbers “unacceptable” and said part of the problem with getting more diversity throughout the system falls on the lack of penalties or sanctions for institutions that aren’t more diverse.

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There were only 15 head football coaches of color in the 2013 season, three less than last year. 2011-2012’s season saw an all-time high of 19 nonwhite coaches was set.

The study did show a slight increase in the percentage of women of color in leadership roles. The most significant increase is in the position of athletic director, which increased from 12.5 percent to 15.2 percent. Currently the positions of senior woman administrator, faculty athletic representative and associate athletic director have a more than 90 percent white occupancy rate.

The race and gender gap is prevalent throughout each and every career field in America. What needs to be done to close it?

Should affirmative action be implemented across the board?

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