Earlier this week we told you about Marissa Alexander, a wife and mother of three from Florida who stood her ground against an abusive husband, and now faces 20 years in prison.

As her situation continues to garner media attention and outrage, supporters have started an online petition, demanding freedom for Marissa Alexander.

Although the “Stand Your Ground” law¬†initially allowed George Zimmerman to go free without charge in relation to the killing of Trayvon Martin, it did not save Marissa Alexander.

From Free Marissa Alexander petition:

“Free Marissa Alexander

She was trying to protect herself from a violent man who lied and stated he had entered her home intent on doing her harm. She was within her rights to protect herself with the permitted concealed weapon and had an injunction with a standing restraining order against this man. She is facing a mandatory 20 years in jail due to Standing Her Ground and protecting herself.”

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Will you sign a petition calling for the release of Marissa Alexander?

Why didn’t the “Stand Your Ground” law protect her?

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