It’s been almost a week since a few select white people decided to offend African Americans with their choice of blackface. We’ve written many stories about why blackface is offensive, but how do Americans really feel about the practice.

A new poll reveals that 43% of Americans find it to be acceptable for a white person to use blackface on Halloween. That’s pretty freaking close to 50%.

From YouGov:

37% find it unacceptable. However, while nearly half (46%) of white Americans find black face make up acceptable, only about a fifth (21%) of African Americans feel the same way. And while one in three whites find it unacceptable, about seven in 10 (68%) black people do.

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While the divide between whites and blacks was significant, researchers noticed an even greater divide when gauging opinions from Democrats and Republicans.

Republicans find blackface to be acceptable by a more than two-to-one margin (59%-27%). Democrats find it to be unacceptable (30%-53%).

Thoughts on the results of the poll?

Are you surprised that close to half of Americans find blackface makeup acceptable?

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