Massachusetts Sheriff Refuses to Apologize for Obama Assassination Joke

Joseph D. McDonald Jr, A Republican sheriff out of Massachusetts, has refused to apologize for a totally outrageous and offensive joke he made about President Obama at a St. Patrick’s Day breakfast.

Hoping to get some laughs, he told a story about Abraham Lincoln visiting Obama in his dreams and urging him to go to the theater.

In case you didn’t know, Lincoln was murdered in a theater.

President Obama Will Use Bibles Belonging to Dr. King and Abe Lincoln For Inauguration Ceremony

Although the intensity surrounding the second inauguration is pretty subdued compared to the one in 2008, there will still be firsts when President Obama once again takes the Oath of Office on January 21, 2013.

Mr. Obama will be using two Bibles–one belonging to Abraham Lincoln, the other to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.–when he is sworn in for the second time.

King’s Bible has never been used for such an event: