The Folly Of White Allyship In An Era Of ‘Opt-Out’ Culture

This article was originally posted at Water Cooler Convos.

Last week, a group of Texas State University, San Marcos students walked out of class after their Anthropology professor discussed Black Lives Matter and suggested (correctly) that everyone descends from Africa, as reported by The Tab. While there are some conflicting accounts about what transpired that day, namely from the professor himself, the accounts from students suggest that there was at least some pushback about the historical origins of the human race specifically because it meant that we all come from African Diasporic peoples.

The world’s oldest university was founded by a African woman

The following post was written by Travis Blakely. It originally appeared on “Your Black World” under the title “An African Woman Founded the World’s Oldest university.”

By: Travis Blakely

When most people talk about historical universities that still exist to this day, normally we think of the much talked about University of Oxford or Cambridge University; both world class institutions of the highest order that have tremendous history. These institutions of higher learning located in the United Kingdom have had an incredible influence in the world of education. In fact, Europe ushered in a plethora of world class universities that became the model of educational centers worldwide. But relatively unknown in Western society is the fact that the oldest universities in the world are not in Europe. The oldest university in the world as recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records and UNESCO, is the University of Al-Karaouine of Morocco (Medina of Fez), discovered in 859A.D. by Fatima al-Fihri, a woman.

African pop singer debuts skin lightening cream, & it sells out


A Nigerian-Cameroonian pop singer is diversifying her portfolio by entering the skin care game.

Singer Dencia has just released a skin care product called Whitenicious, which is supposed to help those who use it lighten dark spots on their skin. The pictures in the advertisements, however, suggest that using the products on the dark spots results in an entirely new and much lighter complexion. 

PR Exec fired after offensive tweet about Africa goes viral, issues apology


A communications director who posted an offensive tweet about AIDS and Africa has been fired. Justine Sacco, formerly a PR executive for InterActive Corp., parent company of and Vimeo, says that she is “ashamed” for her insensitivity to those living with the virus.

Sacco’s tweet, which read: “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!”, immediately went viral after readers, bloggers and other media discovered the insensitive comments.