STUDY: Black Youth Exposed To More Alcohol Advertising

According to a recent report, black youth between the ages of 12 and 20 are exposed to far more alcohol advertising than their peers.

The study suggests that this phenomenon is the result of the large number of ads that specifically target African Americans, as well as the fact that black youth consume more media than youth overall.

While prior studies suggest that black youth drink less than their peers, African Americans suffer greater, harsher consequences for alcohol consumption.

STUDY: Black Youth Drink Less Than Whites; But Why?

According to a variety of studies, Black teens drink less alcohol than their white peers.

But according to, the particular reasons why remain unclear. According to a recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh, “racial differences in personality traits among teens might somehow explain the differences in youth drinking.”


“In their Tween to Teen project, researchers followed over 400 8-10 year olds for 7.5 years to explore these racial differences. They believe that white teens were more prone to being “sensation seeking” and out for the thrill, which has been associated with heavier alcohol use. Meanwhile, Black teens are believed to be more impulsive.

What Parents Don't Know About the "College Experience"

People will tell you two things when they send you off to college: study hard and have fun. We have some concept of studying hard, but the other piece of advice, you will soon realize, comes across very vaguely. I didn’t grasp why “fun” has a unique meaning at school until I figured out that, at college, starting a sex life is like opening a bank account. Among being the space to cultivate a career-ready individuals, college juxtaposes an environment to truly experiment with everything! It’s the beginning of the semester so I thought I’d give freshman, or anyone interested in going to college, a head start by sharing some stories of mine.