A(nother) Modest Proposal

To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Example: Queen Latifah agrees to headline Long Beach’s gay pride festival; North Carolina passes Amendment One. Simple Newton, really.

While many LGBT advocates assuaged North Carolina’s “Um, no” response to their “We’re just like you–except gay” claim by calling Obama’s tepid #formemyselfpersonally support of same-sex marriage “brave,” as if they had never seen Pretty in Pink, I chose to keep my eye on Carolina. (Seriously, if you think the POTUS’ interview wasn’t some bad boyfriend, er partner, game, you should date more. Or watch the first 20 minutes of a Tyler Perry movie. Or listen to Drake. Take your pick.) Not distracted by Obama’s latest Al Green-esque antics, I learned about the potential (unintended) consequences Amendment One’s passage has for straight couples who aren’t legally married, such as loss of employee benefits and other protections including those that help those who have experienced intimate partner violence. I imagine that perhaps this was simply the result of North Carolina’s zealousness. Instead of being upset about their crunkness, however, I think the LGBT contingent should capitalize upon it.