Will A Longer School Year Help or Hurt Our Youth?

Proposals to lengthen the school year is rapidly gaining support across the country.

Proponents say too much knowledge is lost over summer vacation, and longer school years would give low-income children more access to healthy, school-provided meals.

One major proponent of longer school years is Education Secretary Arne Duncan, who believes longer school years will help our young people be better equipped to compete globally.

Gun Advocate Says If Blacks Had Been Armed They Never Would Have Been Slaves

Pro gun advocates say the darnedest things, don’t they?

During an interview with CNN, Larry Ward, chairman of something called Gun Appreciation Day, proclaimed that if African Americans had been armed at the founding of our nation, slavery never would have happened.

He also said that his Gun Appreciation Day- scheduled for two days prior to Martin Luther King Day – actually honors Dr. King’s legacy.

President Obama Will Use Bibles Belonging to Dr. King and Abe Lincoln For Inauguration Ceremony

Although the intensity surrounding the second inauguration is pretty subdued compared to the one in 2008, there will still be firsts when President Obama once again takes the Oath of Office on January 21, 2013.

Mr. Obama will be using two Bibles–one belonging to Abraham Lincoln, the other to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.–when he is sworn in for the second time.

King’s Bible has never been used for such an event:

Pastor Withdraws From Inaugural Ceremony Over Anti-Gay Remarks

A pastor set to deliver the inaugural benediction at the Obama Inauguration this month has withdrawn over anti-gay remarks he made in the mid-90s.

Atlanta’s Pastor Louis Giglio once advocated for ex-gay therapy and spoken out against the “homosexual lifestyle.”


He also invoked a biblical passage often interpreted to require gay people to be executed and argued that homosexuals choose to be gay.

STUDY: Black Students Taught Racial Pride Do Better in School

According to a recent study, black students whose families instill in them a sense of racial pride do better in school.

Published in the journal of Child Development, the study investigated the impact of parental racial socialization practices on the relationship between racial discrimination in school and educational outcomes.

It’s findings challenge the notion that race blindness in a ideal parenting approach for black youth.

GOP State Senator Attacks Kwanzaa: ‘Almost No Black People Care About It’

Republican WI state senator Glenn Grothman is under fire after attacking the Kwanzaa holiday, asserting that “no black people care” about it.

He went on to allege that Kwanzaa is merely a tool used by the far-left to divide Americans, and that it should not be taught or discussed in schools.

From The Grio:

Kwanzaa is a week-long Afrocentric holiday which is observed from December 26th through today, January 1st. It was created in 1966 by black radical Maulana Karenga. It is observed by an estimated 2 million Americans.

Gun Control Debate Rages In Aftermath of Sandy Hook Massacre

In the wake of the terrible massacre in Newtown, Conneticut, Democrats (and many Republicans) are pushing for the return of an assault weapons ban.

Proponents of the ban say assault weapons were made with military use in mind, not civilian use.

It has been widely reported that Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza used an assault rifle last Friday morning, when he murdered 26 people, including 20 first graders.

The 2012 Election Cost Over 2 BILLION Dollars!

Last month’s presidential election cost more than $2B. That’s right $2B.

That’s billion with a B:

Obama: $1.123 billion vs. Romney: $1.019 billion.

That’s the final fundraising tally in the most expensive presidential election ever, according to reports filed Thursday with the Federal Election Commission by the rival campaigns and party committees.

Racist, Sexist Signs Posted Around UCLA Call Asian Women ‘White Boy-Worshipping Whores’

UCLA is investigating a series of racist, sexist signs recently posted around their campus.

One sign said “asian women R Honkie white-boy worshipping Whores,” and was attached to a Vietnamese Student Union poster.

Another disgusting statement – “Asian Women are White-Boy Worshipping Sluts” – was found written on a bathroom wall.