Obama Throws Support Behind Plan to Reform “Out of Date and Badly Broken” Immigration Laws

Speaking at a majority Hispanic high school in Las Vegas, President Obama¬† voiced his support for a plan to fix our nation’s “out of date and badly broken” immigration laws.

The President is referring to a plan drafted by 8 senators – four from each party – that hopes to provide eventual citizenship for some 11 million people.

He focused specifically on three pillars of reform: the enforcement of immigration laws, providing a path to citizenship, and reforming the legal immigration system.

President Obama To Make Major Immigration Announcement Next Week

During a visit to Nevada next week, President Obama will discuss immigration reform.

Making up 10% of the electorate for the first time in history, Latinos voted overwhelmingly for Obama last November. He garnered 75% of the Latino vote (compared to 57% in 2008), despite the fact that his administration has record deportation numbers.

Obama claims that immigration reform is his top priority:

Cornell West: Obama Doesn’t Deserve To Be Sworn In With MLK’s Bible

Dr. Cornell West has been among the most vocal critics of President Obama.

As Monday’s inauguration approached, Dr. West upped the ante, asserting that the President did not deserve to be sworn in with Dr. King’s bible.

Dr. West believes that that invoking Dr. King’s legacy during the inauguration was pure political calculation, since Dr. King would probably disagree with much of Obama’s foreign and domestic policy.

Texas Public Schools are Teaching Students That Black People are “Descendants of Ham”

According to a recent report by the Texas Freedom Network Education Fund, several public schools in the state are quietly teaching students a literal, right wing interpretation of the Bible.

Classes purporting to focus on the Bible’s impact on history are in fact evangelizing children with a literal interpretation of the Bible; namely, that the Earth is 6,000 years old, Judaism is a “flawed and incomplete religion,” and Black people are descendants of Ham.

Some courses are essentially a means by which students are indoctrinated with the tenets and ideology of the Religious Right.

High School Students Hung Black Baby Doll By Its Neck; Posted Images Online

Parents and school officials at Washburn High School were shocked to learn that four students had hung a black baby doll by its neck, and then posted photos of the incident on social media sites.

After school activities were canceled and parents informed in the wake of the incident, which the principal has called “an extremely disturbing occurrence and not reflective of the Miller Pride that we promote.”

However, some assert the incident was not racially motivated.

Wisconsin Parents Outraged Over ‘White Privilege’ Lesson at High School

An “American Diversity” course at a Wisconsin high school is making headlines around the country for subject matter some parents find divisive and offensive.

Parents of some of the school’s white students say the material – which deals with the concept of ‘White Privilege’ – sends a hateful message to students.

Namely, that minorities are oppressed by white people.