Lil Wayne Addresses American Flag Controversy: “It was never my intention to desecrate the flag”

Yesterday, we told you about the controversy surrounding a recent Lil Wayne video that seemed to show the New Orleans rapper stepping all over the American flag.

Lil Wayne has responded to the controversy, releasing a statement earlier today.

Weezy says he had no intention of desecrating the American flag, and that the video that surfaced online captures a camera trick in progress.

Two Whole Foods Employees Suspended for Speaking Spanish

A Whole Foods Market in New Mexico is in the news for suspending two employees for allegedly speaking Spanish while they were on duty.


Bryan Baldizan says he and female employee were only speaking in Spanish regarding personal matters. They wrote a letter expressing their disagreement with the policy.


Whole Foods officials doubled down on the policy, and suspended them. 

VA Gov. Bob McDonnell Commits to Expediting Restoration of Voting Rights for Non-Violent Felons

As NewsOne reports, Virginia’s Republican Governor Bob McDonnell raised eyebrows recently, announcing that he will make it easier for non-violent offenders to have their voting rights reinstated.

What’s more, he did even after a panel ruled that the Constitution does not allow for McDonnell to do so.


Call this a case of a politician doing right, which unfortunately is becoming out of character and unexpected these days.

Chicago School Board Votes to Close 50 Schools; Largest School Closure in City’s History

Despite days of protests and acts of civil disobedience, the Chicago Public School Board has voted to close 49 elementary schools and 1 high school program.

Dozens of parents came out to address their concerns, and several protesters had to be physically removed from the meeting.

Just four schools were spared; a vote on one school was delayed until next year.

From the Chicago Tribune:

We can no longer embrace the status quo because the status quo is not working for all Chicago school children,” Byrd-Bennett said before the vote was taken.

Does Obama Unfairly Hold African Americans to a Different Standard?

President Obama’s Morehouse commencement speech has reignited conversation regarding the idea that he might be unfairly holding black youth to a different standard.

Most of us are familiar with the “Bill Cosby” argument about how black youth need to stop being lazy and work harder.

Is Obama reiterating that same rhetoric that ignores history and further marginalizes vulnerable groups, or is he finding a balance between taking history into account and articulate the reality of the difficulties that will be faced by black youth in the 21st Century?

Bronx Bus Tour Shows NYC Tourists What a “Real Ghetto” Looks Like

NYC bus tour Real Bronx Tours reportedly takes foreigners on a tour of the Bronx to learn what a “real ghetto” looks like.

Past patrons say the tour guide, Lynn Battaglia, pokes fun at the borough and its residents throughout the tour; lambasting the Bronx as a crime and poverty-infested nightmare.

NewsOne describes some of the tour’s itinerary:

At one point during the tour, Battaglia allegedly told the tourists in front of pantry line, “I don’t know what that line’s about, but every Wednesday we see it,” Battaglia told the tourists. “We see them go in with empty carts, and we see them come out with carts full.”

David Dennis: Why isn’t New Orleans Mother’s Day parade shooting a ‘national tragedy’?

In a spot-on editorial for the Guardian, writer David Dennis reflects upon how race and class impact what mainstream America deems a “national tragedy.”

Horrific violence in Aurora, Newtown, and Boston have been deemed “national tragedies; flags hang at half-mast, politicians weigh in, and there’s obsessive, sustained media coverage for weeks and weeks.

But what about the countless young people gunned down every weekend in Chicago? Or the Mother’s Day shooting in New Orleans last weekend?

Why aren’t these national tragedies?