Haiti bans same-sex marriage and threatens “accomplices” with prison time and fines

The views on same-sex marriage and support of the LGBTQ community may change drastically depending on where you go. Many countries are moving towards a progressive future where people are allowed to openly love who they want. But many others are standing firm in their beliefs rooted in homophobia, like Haiti.

NewNowNext reports that Haitian officials not only voted to ban same-sex marriage, but agreed to punish any “parties, co-parties and accomplices” with up to 3 years in prison and an $8,000 fine.

Members of Congress work to ban ‘conversion therapy’

In the darker days of U.S. history, “conversion therapy” was used as a means to force members of the LGBTQ community to live a heterosexual lifestyle. The use of electric shot treatments, forced nausea and biased therapy practices were used to “cure” what many people welt was a disease. While there are still institutions that support these methods, a group of Democratic Congress members are working to ban their existence. 

Here’s the full text of Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’ executive order

In what has been the most unconventional and unreal nine days of a new presidency, news broke this weekend that, in addition to his other dictator-like orders, Trump had signed a 7-nation ban and refugee suspension executive order that targets people from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

The ban also denies admission into the United States of Syrian refugees and limits the Visa renewal process for at least 38 countries, including some allies.

According to CNN, this ban spans at least the next 90-days if a judge’s decision to place a stay on the ban does not end it altogether.

North Carolina Proposes Bill To Bar Access To Police Body Cams

North Carolina is working diligently to join Texas and Florida as states that have massive “You’re Not Welcome” signs hanging on their borders. If the controversial bathroom bill or testing welfare applicants for drug use wasn’t enough, state legislators are now working to pass a bill that will completely remove access to police body cameras. 

Chuck D wants the music industry to just say no to the n-word


Public Enemy frontman Chuck D is challenging those involved in the music industry to stop using the “n-word.” In a set of tweets, the rapper called upon radio stations, record labels, and artists to stop using the derogatory term.

Chuck D. went as far as asking if performances featuring homophobic or anti-Semitic slurs were accepted at concert festivals as easily accepted as those that feature the “n-word.”