Barack Obama To Deliver First Speech As Ex-President In Chicago

After traveling the world and enjoying a long overdue break/vacation/baecation with his wife Michelle, former president Barack Obama is coming home.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Obama will visit The University on Chicago to deliver his first speech since leaving office. He will speak with a group of six students on stage in front of an audience of high school students, college students, and recent graduates from the Chicago area. Obama and the students will discuss the future of civic engagement and community organizing.

Obama Appoints 100+ Supporters And Aides To New Government Positions

President Obama’s last days in office have clocked down to his last hours. Before he leaves, he’s making sure he gets in some final executive orders, including a final batch of commutations and taking care of his long-time supporters.

CNN reports that senior adviser Valerie Jarrett and National Security Adviser Susan Rice were among more than 100 of the soon-to-be former aides that Obama appointed to new government positions. 

Obamacare Enrollment Surges After Election, Trump Reconsiders Promise To End It

Besides claiming that he’ll build a massive wall on the U.S.-Mexico border and banning all Muslims, one of Trump’s biggest campaign promises was a complete overhaul of President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act. But, following a surge in the program’s enrollment after the election, Trump has backed off of his position. 

On Barack Obama, Absent Fathers, And The Jokes That Just Won’t Stop

Despite being published just a few months after I was born, I first read Barack Obama’s Dreams From My Father at 14. It was 2008, and it seemed as though the prospect of electing the nation’s first black president had consumed all of society. It had certainly taken over my family; for some of my loved ones, including my mom, it was their first time voting in a U.S. election.

Though I can’t quite remember who in my family purchased Obama’s autobiography for me, I vividly remember being captivated by his story.

U.S. Government Settles $492 Million Lawsuit With Native American Tribes

The U.S. Government has will pay 17 Native American tribes $492 million after a legal settlement, according to NPR. The payment is meant to make amends for the mismanaging natural of resources and other tribal assets.

The settlement is meant to serve as a compromise between the tribes and the federal government, especially after President Obama promised to restore relations with the Native American community on the campaign trail. 

The Obamas’ October Cover Of Essence Magazine Is Straight Flames

As the Obamas wave us all goodbye as they prepare to leave the White House, we’re getting even more intimate looks into the past eight years of their lives. Most recently, Barack and Michelle have been revealed to be on the cover of October’s issue of Essence Magazine.

The first couple took the opportunity to speak on their legacy and the impact they’ve made on America, especially its youth. 

‘Southside With You’ is the Feel Good Movie of the Fall

Spoilers ahead!

The new film Southside with You, starring Tika Sumpter and Parker Sawyers is a sweet tale of black love. The film unfolds the now almost mythical story of President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama’s first date on Chicago’s south side. While, like Obama’s presidency, the film has its missteps and awkward moments, audiences everywhere will find this movie very delightful and very black.

Trump’s Erratic Commentary Diminishes Political Discourse

Donald Trump has unleashed an erratic stream of comments on the campaign trail nearly a month after accepting the Republican nomination for president. Trump seems completely unable to stay on message in what has been an unpredictable campaign season due to his willingness to engage in antics like suggesting that Hillary Clinton should be assassinated and that Barack Obama is the “founder of ISIS.”