VIDEO: Celebrities Discuss Growing Up Black and Latino

Check out this fascinating video about growing up Black and Latino.

The clip features remarks from celebrities like Javier Colon, Christina Milian, Soledad O’Brien and Tatyana Ali; all share reflections on the unique and sometimes maddening experience of being both Black and Latino in America.

Among the topics discussed are stereotypes and prejudices, bilingualism, straddling two cultural identities, and discrimination in Hollywood (and society at large).

It’s a very interesting and vital conversation. Check it out below:

What It Means to be in ASAP’S Country

The stories of living in America, as told by Black folks, often expresses discontent with its living conditions, but we love America just as much as we feel that it does us wrong. Hip-Hop keeps alive this Black narrative of cultural-nationalism or locale-nationalism, of love for and pride in American land ties. Every Hip-Hop artist, especially Black ones, has a debut appearance that is inseparable from allusions to their original slum. For his latest single “Peso”, new artist ASAP Rocky assures that no audience member would be confused as to where he came from. Harlem pleases him aesthetically unlike any other borough, Harlem symbolizes ASAP’s comfort zone, and it is the institution that informs his lifestyle. The Black, the American of African descent, has a country that anchors the Black’s identity.