Could Light-Skinned Women Ever Be the Subject of a Documentary like “Dark Girls”?

The documentary “Dark Girls” was a widely-anticipated, controversial television event for Oprah’s OWN Network.

Many thought the documentary focused too much on pain, and too little on the triumph and strength of dark-skinned black women.

But as Clutch Magazine points out, others wondered if the experiences of light-skinned black women deserved a documentary as well.

Rachel Jeantel, The Last Person to Talk to Trayvon Martin, Testifies at George Zimmerman Trial

Rachel Jeantel, the young lady who was on the phone with Trayvon Martin the night of his deadly altercation, took the stand yesterday at the George Zimmerman trial.

According to Rachel, Martin was very clear about his being watched and followed by a shady individual, and even made an effort to lose him.

She says the last thing she heard was Martin yell “Get off,” before the phone went dead.

Ohio School Apologizes; Lifts Ban on Afro Puffs and Braids

Last week, we told you about Horizon Science Academy, a school in Ohio that – as part of its dress code – banned afro puffs and braids.

After widespread outrage, Horizon has lifted the ban and released an apology.

Along with lifting the ban, the school vows to take necessary steps to “prevent this from ever happening again.”

Check out the letter below:

OWN Network Premieres “Dark Girls” Documentary This Sunday

The buzzed-about documentary Dark Girls will make its premiere on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network this Sunday June 23rd.

The film delves into the prejudices faced by dark-skinned women around the world.

From Concrete Loop:

 It examines the roots of classism, racism, and the lack of self-esteem within a division of cultures that extends from America to even the most faraway places of the world.

Teenage Sisters Launch Their Own Line of Beauty Products

Instead of simply complaining about the beauty products sold in stores, sisters Halle and Brea Holmes took initiative and launched their own line!

According to Clutch Mag, their line – Dubbed Sweet Dream Girlz – made $25,000 in its first year, and $42,000 in 2012.

Though major stores have shied away from carrying their products; the Holmes sisters got creative once again, starting a network-marketing program that offers commissions to individuals for hosting Sweet Dream Girlz parties.

11 Year-Old Girl Saves 3 Year-Old Brother’s Life by Tossing Him from Broken Fire Escape

11 year-old Janixia Soto is being called a hero after tossing her 3 year-old brother from the broken fire escape of her burning apartment building.

Soto and her family awoke to billowing smoke in their home. Thinking quickly, Janixia guided her family, dog, and cat to the fire escape. But they reached an impasse when the final fire escape ladder was jammed.

Making a huge gamble, Janixia tossed her brother off the balcony and into the arms of neighbors below.