Black Leaders Concerned White Candidate Will Take Jesse Jackson Jr’s Seat

In the wake of Jesse Jackson Jr.’s legal woes, there will be a special election to fill his Congressional seat.

And with quite a few African American candidates vying for his spot, many are concerned the black vote will be split, and a white candidate will win the race.

From Black Politics on the Web:

The worries escalated this week after former Rep. Debbie Halvorson, a white Democrat and veteran of suburban Chicago politics, threw her hat into the ring.

Why Are There ZERO African American Senators?

In the Senate’s history, there have only been six African American senators.

Currently, there’s a whopping ZERO. And according to the Huffington Post, that’s not likely to change any time soon.Experts point to a lack of infrastructure, fundraising troubles, and disinterest from the party establishment and voters and reasons for the disparity.

Diversity in general is a serious problem in the Senate, with only 17 female senators currently serving. And while no one seems to know what to do about it, every agrees that a more diverse Senate could bring significant change to the conversations and activities of the Senate.

VIDEO: Black Occupy DC Protesters Speak!

Check out this fascinating video featuring the voices and perspectives of African American participants in Occupy DC. took their cameras to DC’s McPherson Square and spoke with a few Occupiers of color, who eloquently spoke of sociopolitical, Occupy-related priorities that speak to an African American experience and perspective.

“Occupy DC Protests: Exclusive Video of Black Participants”

According to

VIDEO: Herman Cain Singing "Imagine (There's No Pizza)"


This Is Your BYP WakeUpCall

Check out this horrendous video of Herman Cain singing “Imagine There’s No Pizza” (a rewrite of Lennon’s “Imagine”) at some kind of Godfather’s Pizza event from (what looks to be) the mid-1980’s.

I was going to go to the trouble of researching the particulars surrounding this video, but what’s the point? It is the most surreal and hilarious thing you will see all day. It is absolutely insane.

Stop what you are doing, and watch this.


Our country is so weird, isn’t it?

The lyrics to this musical masterwork:

NYPD Falsely Charges Black Man: "I Fried Another Nigger"

The NYPD is at it again.

Audio has surfaced of an NYPD officer bragging about falsely accusing a young, Black male of resisting arrest, and then adding for good measure:

“I fried another nigger.”

According to the Root, the officer stopped the young man as part of the department’s racist “stop and frisk” program. The man had done nothing wrong; when he protested the unnecessary stop and asked for the officer’s badge number, Officer Michael Deragjati promptly arrested him for “resisting arrest.”

The rest of this story is like the best episode of Punk’d I’ve never seen.

Is It Ever OK For White People To Say NIGGER?

In an article released last week for Time Magazine, writer Touré asserts that it’s not OK for white people to use the word nigger (or its crazy cousin, nigga).

Well…he does list some exceptions.

According to Touré, white people can say nigger if they are:

1. Reporting on, commenting on, or writing some kind of think piece involving the word nigger.


 2. Using the word as part of a play, film, song, piece of visual art or stand-up comedy routine.

Is that alright with you?

Are Black People Willing To Call Eminem The Greatest Rapper Of All Time?

As a Black person, are you afraid to call Eminem the greatest rapper of all time?

Or perhaps just unwilling.

Me? I’m not so sure.

I don’t think I’m opposed to Slim Shady being the GOAT; he’s just not my choice. Despite what many might assume from some of my prior articles (like this one or that one), Jay-Z has always gotten my vote as the greatest rapper of all time.

But I would never exclude Eminem from the conversation entirely.

Others…not so much.